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Why Clinical Trials Matter

You play an essential role

Before a potential new medicine can be used to help treat patients, it must go through a series of studies in people. Volunteers like you who take part in clinical trials make valuable contributions to advancing the understanding of diseases and the discovery of new or improved treatments.

How your participation helps

Each year, millions of people help advance medical science by volunteering to take part in clinical trials. While there are many reasons for participating, all who volunteer contribute valuable information to help researchers find better treatments that may improve lives.

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Help improve lives of others

Some clinical trial volunteers participate in studies with the hope of helping people.

Medical supervision for your condition

People with a specific illness or disease may join a clinical trial to receive potential new medicine, along with related medical supervision and close monitoring from the study staff.

Contribute to future treatments

Both healthy volunteers and patients who join clinical research report the desire to help make medical advances for the future.

“We wouldn’t have medicine progressing without research. When you think about 50 years ago even, there were things we couldn’t treat.”

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Our commitment to improving lives

Sanofi is committed to preventing serious conditions as well as bringing hope to people with serious conditions and those who love them through the discovery and development of better, more effective treatments.

As we strive to discover new treatments for improving patients’ lives, we are committed to:

  • Ensuring participant safety and welfare
  • Fully disclosing known potential side effects and risks
  • Respecting the participant’s desire to withdraw at any time
  • Following the highest ethical standards
  • Partnering with research centers, scientists and doctors
  • Honoring the decisions of independent Institutional Review Boards

Take a look at the clinical trials process

Learning what takes place during clinical research may help you see if trial participation is something you want to look into. Take a few minutes to follow an investigational product through the study journey.

Follow the Journey