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Joining a clinical trial is a big decision. Here, you’ll find answers to help you decide if participating is right for you.  

Let’s Get Started

“I feel good to participate so my grandchildren will be helped when they grow up. I do this not only for my family, but for everyone.”

Advancing therapies
for you, for all

Every prescription medicine for every condition has one thing in common: years of scientific research involving people like you who volunteer to help improve medical knowledge. Everyone has their own reason for taking part. 

Why People Participate
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“Sometimes we’re excited about a drug and we want it out on the market tomorrow. But there’s a process that has to happen to make sure we don't move too quickly.”

How clinical trials work

Every step of a clinical study follows a rigorous protocol and is closely monitored to evaluate the safety and/or effectiveness of the investigational product.
Follow the Journey

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“It’s important for us to explain to volunteers what they’re doing, what the trial’s about, how they’re going to be treated, and educate them on the clinical trial process.”

What you need to know

Before joining a clinical trial, it’s important to learn as much as you can about the study. Knowing what to expect and the types of questions you might want to ask can help.

Learn the Essentials

“I didn’t realize the medical team would be so thorough to keep my well-being in mind during the selection process.”

Considering a
clinical trial? 

People like you who consider taking part in a clinical study often have preconceived notions about the experience.

Discover the Facts